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Re: Test Proper Shadow Recovery

I did a relatively mild recovery here ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1034&message=38538649 ) at +70 in CNX2, much more like what people will use in real life than something like 5-6 stops, which was already done here with D7k, soon after it was released.

I use the recovery tools in CNX2 in almost every image, to bring both top and bottom ranges into more manageable areas of histogram, then I use curves to adjust contrast globally, with a typical S-shaped tone curve.

With the D80 this resulted always in both color and noise problems at the bottom, with D7k it's so nice it makes one lazy with correct exposure, it's a bit dangerous.

Now, you are wrong with respect to HLs and LLs in this image. The whole area behind the targets, the darker areas of the whisky bottle, the whites and pink of the dolls, as the bright yeallow of the car toy are all difficult to arrange in the same image, I had to expose for the whites and yellow (to avoid RED channel clipping) and then see what happened to the darker areas. In fact, it's in the the studio shots and artificial lighting one finds at DPR and IR that the DR is very restricted, usually to no more than 7EV. With daylight you get much more range.

Jack Hogan wrote:

Mr Physics wrote:

I really have to struggle to see the subtle performance differences between these two machines.

While Renato's tests are interesting, they are generic and not designed to show the D7k's particular strengths: there is very little information in the highlights and the shadows, for instance.

As leighton_w alluded, the biggest improvement in D7k technology comes from its reduced read noise, which results in substantially better dynamic range and low light performance - this is of great help to those of us trying to capture nuances in the highlights without losing detail in the shadows: landscapes and weddings come quickly to mind, but most images could benefit from the additional tonal range and detail in the hands of a skilled photographer/post processor - Ansel Adams would have loved this technology.

Take for instance a look at the following post by Guillermo Luijk, showing the results of bringing up shadows 6 stops (it's from a K5, which sports the same Sony sensor as the D7k) http://www.luminous-landscape.com/forum/index.php?topic=49200.msg405505#msg405505

I am curious. Can you try this kind of comparison, Renato?

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