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A clue, look at a map.

I am not in total defense of the OP's technical expertise. I don't love or even like his examples, but the recent info about which country he is shooting in gives me more clues as to 2 of the basic problems he has been up against.

In the UK as in Denmark where I now live, the light is not anything like California. The angle of the sun almost never reaches what it does in the southern climates (I'm originally from Florida).

In fact I'll tell you (since few of you will even look at a map or globe to check) that not a single piece of the UK gets the same sun as ANYWHERE in the lower 48 states of the USA. The UK lines up with parts of Canada where few people live.

AND there are quite a few fair skinned, or reddish tinged people. I work with and shoot these kind of people often (including my boss who is a "famous" stage actor in Denmark Jan Schou). The problems I/we have here with mixed incandescent light (most of the year is not sunny, remember) mixed with the subject's skin, gives problems. In fact these people tell me themselves that they don't like having their pictures taken because how most cameras make their skin look red. Add fluorescent lighting, CFL bulbs and it gets tricky. The mixed stage lighting I normally shoot under doesn't make things easy either.

And the older building interiors and ceilings are rarely as white as lots of the newerplaces in the States. Lots of buildings have wood or stone or brownish yucky colors.

Now I mention all of this not to make some old "pro" a poster child for what is wrong with Nikon, but as a bit of info about some of the pitfalls that affect this part of the world. In trying to help some newbies, or friends with cameras, you'll have to take some of these things into account. Lots of my musician friends ask me about which camera to buy and how to most easily use them. Most of them are going to need the pics to look good from the start. I can't even mention a grey card. I recognize that the OP is an older gentleman who is probably set in his ways, and has a clientele that is not as demanding of a good modern pro. I see his misspellings of the names of the cameras as a clue as to his lack of interest in technology rather than the sign of a troll.

I enjoy trying to see what's going on with someone having a problem. I REALLY don't see how lots of you guys are blind to his situation and have gone into serious attack mode.

I'm debating sending some personal messages to some of the posters I respect on this forum who have gone into attack mode in such a deeply personal way. They all seem to have missed tell tale signs of what kind of "pro" the OP might be and judge him on their own scale of what a "pro" is.

I gotta go to work and learn some dance moves and lyrics in Danish (I NEVER sing in Danish!) The life of a "Pro" musician! So I might not have time to contact directly any of my respected forum posters directly any time soon, though.

Guy Moscoso

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