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K. Rockwell's Blog on X100 Lens Adapter & Filters

29 May 2011, Sunday
NEWS: Fuji X100 Lens Protection

I fixed the filter problem on the Fuji X100 for under a dollar.

To use any filters with the X100 requires a not-yet-available $50 adapter.

Without this adapter, there's no filter thread, and no way to protect the lens either with a filter or with a hood. Bang the lens on anything, and your X100 is now worthless. (No one uses lens caps in the field; they are only for storing the camera.)

The lens glass comes right up to the surface of the lens barrel. There is no protection, making it hazardous to carry the X100 and use it. Just about anything against which you might bang your X100 will scratch your lens.

When you unscrew the front beauty ring, there is a male thread onto which the $50 AR-X100 adapter ring attaches.The adapter allows 49m filters to attach.

That go me thinking, and we got lucky: although the front filter thread design design of the X100 is a product of hiring the differently-abled, at least the front thread is a recessed, backwards but still standard 49mm x 0.75mm thread.


Therefore, 49mm filters almost fit backwards. Almost means that standard 49mm filters fit backwards using the filters' front threads, but the lens won't be able to advance properly and will damage the X100 if you try to shoot with it, since close distances will make the X100 try to drive the lens through the filter.

After hemming and hawing about where to buy a special 49mm-49mm adapter, I had the genius idea that I could unscrew the retaining ring in a Tiffen 49mm filter, and then it had enough depth to allow the lens to work its entire range.

I removed the retainer and glass out of a spare Tiffen 49mm filter (look in your junk box, we all have them), and Voilà!, my X100 now has a reversed 49mm thread on its front. Now any regular 49mm filter fits in reverse, protects the lens and the focus mechanism from scratches, dirt, damage, dust and salt spray.

The only negative is that one always has a male 49mm thread poking out the front of the X100, which doesn't feel nice as you carry it around. Reattach the X100's original silver beauty ring over the filter's 49mm thread, and problem solved.

Be careful with polarizers:

1.) Good news: any standard linear polarizer works perfectly. The X100 has none of the silly internal AF optics that require SLRs to use circularly-polarized filters.

2.) Bad news: when you attach the filter via its front threads, most rotating polarizers won't rotate. No big deal, just hold them over the lens free hand or don't screw them in all the way.

3.) Good news: unlike any real LEICA, the X100 provides through-the-lens viewing with polarizers, grads, and any kind of filter.

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