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Re: I'm willing to be crucified....

gmosc wrote:

One thing I might have learned from this thread is that I might have to get hold of photoshop, since it appears some NX2 users are not having an easy time with skin tones and then they get jumped on by photoshop users who insist that it is almost a one click fix. That alone might be worth the price of admission to the photoshop club.

You don't need Photoshop if you just want Adobe Camera Raw - Lightroom will do just as well.

I have used NX2 as well, I mainly use ACR for workflow reasons because I do all my fine editing work in PS.

I just did a side by side comparison and the ACR generally has a slightly cooler rendering, NX2 a little yellower. A couple of slider flicks and they are both easy enough to match. Neither is far off to start and in some cases I prefer ACR and some NX2 depending on subject and lighting. If you use colour checker or a grey card, both can be spot adjusted to the correct WB and that provides a very good start point in each case.

ACR does do a better job on some shades of blue which are slightly purplish on NX2, so I generally stick with it. When all said and done as long as you get used to one tool and know how to get it to do what you want, it's enough.

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