Finally admitted defeat

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You need Grey Card

That blue tint was because of the overcast (cloudy), it was normal. All camera will do the same under cloudy condition.
If you put picture control on "cloudy" it will be warmer.

But the easiest way is to shoot RAW and adjust in PP using grey-card. The Photoshop Element 9 is very cheap and faster than NX2 (my personal experience).

With any camera always have a grey-card ready to set correct white balance. I know you know how to use grey-card that's why I don't have to suggest to search google for it.

Here I borrow your picture and I will delete it after a while.

I decrease the blue from the curve or level slider.
With grey-card it would have been much easier (with RAW of course).

good luck

Peter M J wrote:

As promised here are two photographs which illustrate part of my problem. Taken with the D90 within 20 mins of each other. The Grooms jacket should be black In the first shot it is blue

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