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Peter M J wrote:

As promised here are two photographs which illustrate part of my problem. Taken with the D90 within 20 mins of each other. The Grooms jacket should be black In the first shot it is blue

If you look at the face of the groom in both shots ('black' and 'blue') you see that the top of his face in the 'blue' shot is much lighter; the photo is more exposed overall while the light is coming more from above than on the other photo.

If you measure the suit on both photos you'll see that it actually is a dark blue suit. In the 'black' photo it is just exposed differently. Due to the overexposure on the 'blue' photo it gets lighter so the blue color is more apparent.

You should have used a bit of fill flash on the 'blue' photo for the eyes and the faces, then you could have reduced the overall exposure from the daylight and the suit would have been the same as in the 'black' photo.

So the problem is between the eyes, not inside a little black box.

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