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Re: I'm willing to be crucified....

gmosc wrote:

My feathers don't get ruffled so much by trolls. I give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he had problems that he couldn't solve by himself. It appears he found something to fix it but of course he is welcome back and I look forward to the helpful responses if and when he does come back.

One thing I might have learned from this thread is that I might have to get hold of photoshop, since it appears some NX2 users are not having an easy time with skin tones and then they get jumped on by photoshop users who insist that it is almost a one click fix. That alone might be worth the price of admission to the photoshop club.

Guy Moscoso

you could become eligible for a student edition of Lightroom, you'd then get the latest version of ACR and much of what Photoshop offers (plus some) for a good price. That's what I plan on doing.

regardless, back to the Nikon 180 thread that both you and commented in (I'm hoping Luc is okay with this)

and then page four of his Flickr photostream. Are you seeing major 'skin tone' problems there with what is probably a rather simple, strobe setup?

And what about the 'examples' the OP posted below? If you're going to shoot JPEGs for money and then litter DPR with these 'I just can't get good skintones with camera A, B or C', I've tried everything!?', please! At the very least learn how to set the White Balance!

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