Finally admitted defeat

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I am really a bit over this arguement

I shoot nikon and have shot canon
As well as fuji S2/3 and a kodak SLR/N and a P30

the kodak gives the best skin tones(that is just my opnion) but is a dog of a camera .with too many issues too old

I have seen superb skin tone from canon shooters who know what they are doing
and I get pretty good skin tones from my D700's. They all work pretty well !!!!

I don't know what the OP has been smoking,but it obviously has not helped their technique

Great if a 7D works for you go for it but don't lecture other people about it.I know a school photographer who uses a 7D for work but swears he prefers his D90 for skin tones

And besides WHAT IS WRONG WITH having to do do a bit of work for your images that is what sets you apart from the smuck down the road who can buy the same camera. In fact the better cameras get the less people perceive the need to hire a professional I DID SAY PERCEIVE .
Ansel Adams would be spinning in his grave

I would say its not the mention of skin tones that causes your family to run away screaming when you get the camera out

And while I am at it there is nothing wrong with Canon auto focus and I am yet to see the infamous pattern noise. I know this is apostasy but Canon do make some OK cameras the 5dmkII is really good .But I prefer my D700's

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