Commanding top dollar for your work, or...

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Commanding top dollar for your work, or... did you become an artist?

I'll explain.

Last night I went to a HS graduation party for a friend whose son was a HS baseball player. In the house, on either side of the fireplace, were sports prints of their 2 sons taken during a baseball game. The boys are 2 years apart.

By forum "standards" the photographs were awful - out of focus, not sharp, blown highlights, horizons not level. The actual shot was also NOT action, just the kid walking across the field during an inning change.

There was a treatment, though - sepia, some sort of blur and glow - and they were framed on canvas. They were beautiful. The mom said the dad cried when she gave them to him for Christmas. I can see why.

I didn't ask, but the mom offered what she paid for them - $1,000..........each!

Anyone out there care to share how you made the transition from being a good, or even excellent, photographer to an artist (for lack of a better term)? And, let me add this is not written out of jealousy, but admiration.


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