Does Moire=Sharp=Good ?

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jim stirling
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Re: If described as a problem - red herring is right

pris wrote:

That would be what, 2 or 3 posted examples of moire in 7 or 8 months? Speaking of it as if it were a pronounced problem with E-5 or a problem specific to E-5 in some prominent way is a gross exaggeration. I for one hunted for it specifically, in order to check out the cure I stumbled upon, and just couldn't reproduce it, no matter how much I shot fabric patterns, vent covers, mesh curtains etc. Had to pull samples from the that same thread you quoted to experiment with it, lol.

If it's just a theoretical interest - why not, just another topic to discuss. But if it's span as a problem with E-5, red herring it is, IMO.

Hi Pris,

The more low ISO samples I see from the E-5 the more impressed I get; it has an excellent amount of detail. I do see moiré in certain conditions and though it can be improved greatly by post processing. How well does it work when the moiré seems to be obscuring really fine detail such as the finest lines in the proportion scale wheel { samples below} , I am genuinely interested as I have both the GH2 and D3x.

Years ago I had the Nikon D70 and it was very prone to moiré especially in fine mesh such as bridal veils etc. and I found it a PITA to remove and it has given me a bit of an issue with moiré way too much time spent correcting it . I recently decided to sell off my Canon gear as I was not using it at all and have a few bob in the fun kitty , and the E-5 is becoming pretty tempting , I use the 12-60 and 50 macro on the GH2 and while the results are great the AF is not so clever and I often end up using manual focus and who knows when the mFT lenses will offer the high quality choices already available in FT.

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