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I put myself in the family of photo nerds! What I meant by that is how I've met a couple of photographers, who get some good shots. They haven't gotten too much into the PP end besides basic color correction and basic tweaks. Their results were pretty good and quite passable. Heck the recent balloon up to the edge of space pictures that have been coming out were not pics that get their recognition by their PP but rather the fact that they were at the right place at the right time.

So as nerds we sometimes forget that there is a segment of the photo business that gets some OK results without being too tuned in to the PP side. Granted they would and could be better pics with more intensive PP, but some people (especially some who've been grandfathered in from film) don't get such a kick out of PP. Some of them would rather be out in the field looking for the shots then behind their computer screen. And keep in mind that all this computer stuff is not always easy for everybody.

Guy Moscoso

Kim Letkeman wrote:

gmosc wrote:

I understand his plight a bit. You see, not everyone in photography is getting into the nerdyness of the PP end. We CAN have civil discussions here can't we?

Not really understanding the nerdyness comment. Not quite sure why you consider that civil ...

Letting the camera do one's processing is hardly a badge of honor, and processing one's images to properly finish them using RAW's many advantages is hardly nerdy ...

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