Finally admitted defeat

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Well, frankly, I hate to see any of them go, but....

gmosc wrote:

I have a D50 and a D700. While using my D50 as a backup I found (as many others also have) that the D50 has a nice quality straight out of the box (shooting jpegs and raw) and suddenly there starts to seem to be a need to match the D700 pics to the D50 pics. Some people don't know, but NX2 stopped allowing the use of the D2x profiles for the D50. So I can't use the profiles I use on my D700 on my D50. But even there, that is reversing the issue. The D50 had some nice things right away and trying to match the D700 to the D50 is a challenge.

Well, according to his post back in March, he found the answer.

Peter M J wrote:

My family have nearly disowned me because of my obsession with the D 700 and its skin tones. I tried various modifications of the white balance and standard picture controls
The answer for me has been to use the D2Xmode 3 tone control.

Either use it with raw files in Capture NX2 or upload it into the camera from the Nikon site and use it for JPEGS
Give it a try - it worked for me

Maybe it didn't work so well after all, but he was not asking for help here. I looked. There are plenty of people here who would have gladly given him the help he needed. All he had to do was ask. The knowledge is here and given freely.

Also asking the OP for EXIF intact pictures is too late. He already has gone to the other camera. If he has found something that works for his shooting style there is no reason to be a smarty pants and kick him on the way out of the door. There IS value in him stating his case, though. Some other people might be having similar issues. We CAN have civil discussions here can't we?

I agree with you Guy. It's too late at this point. He has already sold his gear and bought Canon gear to replace it. (Blasphemer!) He came here to post his obligatory "Bye Bye, I switched to Canon and you are going to miss me!" thread. He is getting exactly what he wanted. A kick out the door. He is just one more in that long line that keeps coming here to tell us they switched to "insert brand name here." Do they really expect us to beg them to stay?

Is he really better off with his new gear? We don't know. Maybe he is. Maybe he isn't. At least he seems happy with the decision, for now.

The sad part is that he had a great camera, but did not ask for any help when he needed it. Now, I will admit that I am no pro and I don't shoot JPGs, but I don't have these issues with my D700 or my D90, but if I did, I know that out of all the places on the internet, I can get the answers I need right here. Every day. Most of the info is searchable, but if one prefers the personal touch, they can ask their questions and get their answers.

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