D80 x D7k IQ tests

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Re: D80 x D7k IQ tests

It's really difficult to isolate all the variables and hold them still for this type of comparison. The OP did a good job at it. It kind of helps support a point I was making in another similar post:

Clearly the D7000 is a great tool (probably not so great in my hands) but it bugs me when posters state "..it blows away the Dxxx" and "...I can't wait much longer for the D400 or the D800" and other such nonsense. Camera technology isn't evolving the same pace as other electronics. Moore's law doesn't apply. In fact, the historical record seems to suggest that besides the jump to digital at the beginning of the millennia, it is progressing as fast as it ever was.
I think it's possible the eNo was a valid point with respect to WB.
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