D80 x D7k IQ tests

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Re: D80 x D7k IQ tests

Renato - thanks for doing these! Quick impression, not a "big deal difference", but...

rhlpetrus wrote:

Both cameras set with WB in daylight setting, since I was getting light through a balcony door open. ISO at 100. Day slightly overcast but bright.

I think this won't work as well as using a common reference white or gray card. I discovered that the biggest differences in color rendition happened when I forced the same temperature or default/pre-programmed WB setting. Auto-WB and gray card reference methods actually matched color better. My theory here is that the Auto-WB algorithm seeks to compensate for inherent color casts in the image chain. The gray/white card method does the same, by definition (except for metamerism, which muddles things).

You saw my post already, but for others, see my findings here:

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