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D2x D700 profile .. I have to admit on a JPG


I don't shoot often in JPG ... but, sometimes it's required. for Fast turn around.

And I have to admit ... that on a JPG OOC ... the D700 needs to be tweaked a bit for skin tones.

and when I first made the change to D700 I thought it was strange that I had to use a old D2x profile , that I had to download and load into my D700 to get some of the red out of my JPGs on fair skin.

After shooting and testing ... you find a setting you prefer on the D700.

Now on studio lights ... when you know what the WB K is ... I have not seen any issues ... or when using a sb900.

Of course when using a sb900 , it is probably the best and most consistant. (and easiest)


gmosc wrote:

I understand his plight a bit. You see, not everyone in photography is getting into the nerdyness of the PP end. Some people interested and proficient in photography are into lots of the other aspects of the hobby/profession. Catching the moment, posing the subject, making people feel at ease.

I have a D50 and a D700. While using my D50 as a backup I found (as many others also have) that the D50 has a nice quality straight out of the box (shooting jpegs and raw) and suddenly there starts to seem to be a need to match the D700 pics to the D50 pics. Some people don't know, but NX2 stopped allowing the use of the D2x profiles for the D50. So I can't use the profiles I use on my D700 on my D50. But even there, that is reversing the issue. The D50 had some nice things right away and trying to match the D700 to the D50 is a challenge.

To get a nice starting point is not too much of a demand. I'm glad that I am a happy hobbyist and don't have to earn my rent with photography nor do I have to get too anal to match a bunch of pics from an event or session.

Also asking the OP for EXIF intact pictures is too late. He already has gone to the other camera. If he has found something that works for his shooting style there is no reason to be a smarty pants and kick him on the way out of the door. There IS value in him stating his case, though. Some other people might be having similar issues. We CAN have civil discussions here can't we?

Guy Moscoso

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Please feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and edit any of my photos & re-post, to help show me 'the way'. * I am trying to Elevate the Level of my 'Snap Shots'

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