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Re: Thanks for comments - my response

Better Floyd!

One last thing - I'm not a fan of the square crop - especially in surfing where you can get great panorama shots of long waves peeling around rocky points and sand bars.

Try a few of your shots cropped to the 3:2 ratio (for 6 by 4, 6 by 9, 8 by 12 or 12 by 18 inch prints). That way you can show more of the wave that the surfer is riding towards - as in what's up ahead for him - a tube/long wall/massive close-out section. it helps tell a story about the particular wave.

You can see the improvement in your new cropping efforts - particularly #15 - how it brings the intensity of what's about to happen into the frame. A dusting!

Do you have a wider angle shot of the Wedge doing what it does best - wedging? One where you can see the peak and how it's peeling off both to the left and right.



HDProman wrote:

I have applied some of your suggestions and posted the results

Special thanks to zooming, I appreciate the time you took to post your comments.

Photo #12b new cropping, straighten horizon and no/less purple sky?

Photo #13 cropped to rule of thirds

Photo #14 cropped to rule of thirds

Photo #15 new cropping

Photo #16 new cropping

Photo #17b next in sequence, rule of thirds cropping.

Photo #21b next in sequence, rule of thirds cropping.

Photo #23 One Wave at a Time, Please.

I know next time what to pay more attention to, cropping, getting the best moment during the action, post processing and camera settings. Wow, that is just about everything...

About motion blur, yes I did let my shutter speed get down to 1/640 on several pictures, don't know why.

About color and white balance, started shooting at sunrise and finished around 10 a.m. Started early and overcast, went to partial sun by 8 a.m. and back to total overcast by 9 a.m., fun. Any advice on post to get consistent color?

Thanks again, Floyd...

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Newbie, having fun.

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