A baby D3s? British Journal of Photography review D7000

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Re: One point I would agree to, though ...

Grevture wrote:

Cytokine wrote:

Grevture wrote:

From the history cabinet: When releasing the D3 and D300 back in 2007 Nikon actually at several times during the press event mentioned the D300 being a "baby D3" and said that this relationship was much stronger then between D2x and D200 (where the latter eventually got the nickname "baby D2x").

I think it is because everybody is tired of waiting for the Baby D4 and then the D7000 will be the baby's baby???

Ah, we are getting into grandchildren now ... Then which models are cousins, nephews, aunts etc?

Tired of waiting? A D4 and very probably a D400 (or whatever they choose to call them) is rather likely to appear in August, right on schedule so to speak (judging from Nikons model history throughout the digital era).

August is a good month to be born, I will have to photograph the happy event with my D200!!

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