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Have you found your perfect camera? If you have, what is it and why does it make you happy?


Are you still looking for your perfect camera? If you are, what camera do you use now and what is it about it that is not suitable? Are you using a camera that exceeds your needs or are you using something that doesn't meet your needs?

i had been using an Oly E-3, and loved it---thought it was a great camera. i have now switched over to a Sony A850 out of a kind of necessity coupled with an unusual opportunity. i miss several things from the E-3, but like this new camera and its lenses(only one Sony/CZ) very much, and like one thing about the camera more(menus).

what is not "perfect" about the cameras is form factor---they are slr's and i prefer rangefinder cameras, not only for their lack of bulk. AF is great with modern slr's, but i'm actually happier zone focusing.

for me, the perfect camera would be a FF or larger sensor camera that had aspects of slr capabilities (continuous shooting mode at least 3fps for exp. comp, advanced flash abilities, metering, and several other things) with rangefinder aspects (more svelte, no mirror, silent operation, etc)

Maybe there is no such a thing as a perfect camera.

there could be, for me

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