Pulled the trigger on Pentax 17-70

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Pulled the trigger on Pentax 17-70

While I have learned to better appreciate my 18-55 DAL I was finally pushed over the edge on the Pentax 17-70 f4 with the recent price drop.

I read a lot about the lens - some say it's much better than the 18-55 (even the WR which I believe is optically the same design as the DAL). Others weren't so impressed with the difference. Then there's the specter of possible future SDM problems.

I also read that while it is not advertised as such it actually is whether sealed - supposedly according to comments from an actual Pentax employee. Probably one of these situations where they build in a feature and then marketing decides it might impact sales on other products so it isn't documented.

I looked over the SLRGear tests, and others. It generally did rather well and would at least appear to outclass the 18-55 provided I get a good copy without and serious centering issues in that rather complex optical pathway.

The extra reach should be great and the little extra bit of width will be great for landscapes.

I'm simply not to the point of justifying $1000 on a lens so this seemed my only real option for a lens I plan to keep on the K-x almost exclusively.

Yeah I know it's much larger and heavier. I can handle that. Frankly I think that big black lens will also give my white K-x a more serious look.

Any of you 18-55 kit owners upgraded to the 17-70 got any opinions?

Anybody actually have a 17-70 with SDM problems? Should I try to get some kind of extended warranty on the thing?


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