Time to stop saying SD1 costs $9,700 or 10K

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Re: Time to stop saying SD1 costs $9,700 or 10K

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Jon Rty wrote:

Show me one company that has claimed that. The fact is that the maximum spatial resolution the SD1 can achieve is 15 megapixels.

Wrong...The SD1 has 45million completely independant photosites, distributed in three seperate layers. It produces an image that is 15mp in size but it can resolve 2-3x more detail than that.

A 15mp Bayer sensor would also produce a 15mp size image but it would resolve no more than 7.5mp of detail, big difference...Thats the magic of the Foveon X3 sensor.

So, now, what you're saying is that a Foveon doesn't resolve 2-3x what a Bayer does, you're saying that it resolves 5-6x??? Because, now, with this paragraph, you say that the SD1 resolves 3 times its nominal resolution, while a Bayer resolves 1/2 it's nominal resolution. That's highly unlikely.

Sounds like you getting totally confused.

You're right, I am, becasuse you're talking about something absolutely unrelated to what I'm talking about, and trying to make it sound like you are talking about the same thing!

For those supposedly "completely independant photosites" to resolve more than the stated 15mp, they'd have to be completely offset from each other,

No, they just have to be able to sample different colours at each spacial location.

Not and reslolve DETAIL they don't!

and sampling detail from the subject separate from what any of the surrounding photosites are. That's not happening, because that would make the Foveon basically an enhanced Bayer, with interpolation needed to complete the color picture.

Your simply confusing image size with colour resolution, which in reality are two completely different things.

I'M NOT CONFUSING THEM, YOU ARE OBFUSCATING!!!! Color resolution has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion at hand. Get off of it, would you??

Image size is determined by the number of spacial photodiode locations on the sensor.

Colour resolution is determined by 1) The total number of photodiodes OF EACH COLOUR on the sensor. 2) Whether the output of those photodiodes requires an interpolation process to produce an RGB colour image and 3) Whether or not an AA filter is used.

The SD1's sensor produces 15mp "sized" images but its captures 2-3x more colour resolution detail than that because there is no AA filter and an interpolation process is'nt used.

A 15mp Bayer sensor, on the other hand, would have no more than 7.5mp colour resolution, reduced further if an AA filter is used...And in most applications of Bayer sensors, AA filters ARE used. There are very rare exceptions such as the Leica M9, but like the SD1 it is far too expensive for most peoples budgets.

Why do you insist on talking color resolution? That has absolutely nothing to do with rendering detail! I, frankly, don't give a rat's you know what about color resolution. None, absolutely none, of the competing mfrs say anything about color resolution, because that's not what produces the basis for image quality. Color rendition is all well and good, but you ain't gonna get more detail out of an image with a bunch of stacked color sensors.
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