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Re: Email conversation with Hogan

Thom's Reply to Fred Mueller (This did not appear in your post but does when I quote reply). John

Well, Adobe converters are still putting too much “orange” into NEF files. Try grabbing the Orange Luminance slider in HSL and bringing it down a bit before trying to do other color balancing.


Thom Hogan, writer/photographer
Author, Complete Guides to the Nikon cameras (19 and counting)

From: Fred Mueller
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2011 11:55:47 -0500
To: Thom Hogan
Subject: Re: Color response of D7000


Thanks for your brief response – in words from your D7k review:

“Which brings me to my final comment about color: it's ever so slightly subdued (some would say flat) from what I see in my D3x. This tends to happen on very tough to capture colors, like golds and bronzes, but it can happen in other colors, as well, including skin tones.”

I am trying to decide if I want to give a 3rd D7000 body a chance because on paper the camera makes perfect sense for me.....and is brilliantly featured.

Have had two D7000 bodies. Both had focus issues, not user error, except in the very beginning. All my AFS lenses 16-85, 70-300, 35 1.8 G, and Sigma 8-16 mostly back focused. At first “some” of the problem was self induced, but not with the 2nd body which seemed to be worse actually. Both were purchased before Christmas.

My question about color: I could see a “break” in the (to my eye) usual Nikon color response, especially skin which looked “flat” using your words. My descriptive would be “mono” - as if one hue. I also see a sort of yellowish over all cast in many shots. I had put a a little B/M bias in Auto WB, but not really happy with that either. All of this subtle overtly, but then not so subtle finally.....but the issue also made me question what I have been doing with the older bodies (to hyped?) and I thought there might be some additional insight about the issue from you. Maybe actually more color accurate; just that reality stinks ?

I personally have owned a D40 (45,000 clicks in two years) and have shot my son’s D300 enough (5,000 clicks? in two years). All my lenses focus without issue on both of these bodies. The D40 is slow but very accurate to focus in low light. I have used MF lenses on the D40 a lot as well. I just “look”.

My workflow is usually RAW sRGB, Bridge to ACR to CS3, and now CS5. Did not like the ACR 6.3 sharpening of D7k RAW files compared to NX2, but do not want to use NX2 for the interface and speed.

Thanks Tom – file as user feedback if you are too busy to reply

Fred Mueller

On 2/4/11 2:24 PM, "Thom Hogan" wrote:

In what way?

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Thom Hogan, writer/photographer
Author, Complete Guides to the Nikon cameras (19 and counting)

From: Fred Mueller
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 12:13:29 -0500
To: Thom Hogan
Subject: Color response of D7000

Wondering if you will expand on this topic soon or ever – web site or elsewhere?

Fred Mueller

Southboro, MA

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