Dynamic Range: D5100/D7000

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Re: In two words: a lot! With examples.

rhlpetrus wrote:

I don't think you need RAW histograms, jpegs is enough and a few tests indicate that when no channel blows by more than 1/2 stop you are in safe territory, that's my experience so far, but I am even more conservative, only 1/3 stop and in very difficult situations. Otherwise I prefer to see no channel clipped in the in-camera histograms (blinkies are not good enough in-camera, since it uses only the mixed channles values, won't indicate a single channel clipped).

I'm not saying I can't live without them, I'm just saying there is room for improvement With such raw histogram I'd instantly know I've blown 1/2 stop but recoverably. The way it is I just know I've blown and I must take one more shot with a stop more underexposure to see how much I've blown. And the way NX is made, I agree that pushing exposure to the edge of the highlights headroom is the best idea, and mostly this is really not required. But this is important if you want to do harsh light without doing multiple exposures, which the new sensors are inviting us to play with

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