gear for hiking in the rain?

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Re: Consider an E-1 and 14-54mm mkI?

I've been watching eBay like a hawk, but I realized something today - two months after I bought my E520, the EPL1 came out. I had looked at the EP1 and EP2, but they were out of my price range, and I've been kicking myself for the past year for buying into a dying system just two months before an affordable PEN came out. (I especially felt this way after carrying the 520 around Tokyo Disney for 3 days - even a light-ish SLR gets heavy after several hours!) So before I put even more money into 4/3, I'm going to wait and see what comes out next month. If by some miracle the EP3 is weather sealed, I'll go for that, price be damned. (I hold out very little hope of that happening, but with my luck, if I buy an E1 or E3, it will!)

Thanks again for all of the great advice, everyone!!

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