TL350/WB2000 questions ?

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Re: TL350/WB2000 questions ?

Thanks Bigrig, that was what I "feared".

I shoot at around 40-50mm when video, and it works best with inifinity fixed zoom because of my very fast "moving" target, and sometimes a bit low light (at least at the water surface no small cams can really focus that well).

But if the WB2000 dont really change zoom when the videocapture is started (an error but it seems to be that way, right ?), it might work fine when just aiming at the sky when I turn video on and let it run out after 20mins

But the interval shooting not remembering the zoom is a bummer

Then I have to decide if I can live with the 24mm and crop instead....

Good thing is, that I sometimes dont shoot with more than 35mm when interval shots anyway, so here it would be okay with 24mm and cropping.

I'll have to think about it now - but the cam is extremely low priced these days, and the only one of all having high resolution video and interval pictures (besides the Pentax with half HD)

The Pentax W series could do it too, even better features as faster interval shoot and display could be turned off to save power (and waterproof also), and you have manual focus available for video, but quality has gone down by margins since the W60 which I've used for years.
I've tried the W90 and WG1 and too bad IQ both pictures and video

Kindly, Peter

bigrig wrote:

PFRANKS wrote:

Hi there, users who got the TL350/WB2000.

I have a few specific things I would like to know, and eventhough I've had the camera last year for a day to try, I can not remember anymore....

1. When using the 1 minute interval shooting, does the lens resume to the "chosen" (desired) zoom every time it turns on to shoot ?
Or does it stay wide open at 24mm ?
(I assume it retracts the lens between shots, right ?)

Yes, it retracts between shots, but I think it defaults to 24mm for subsequent shots.


3. When shooting video, can you choose manual focus here ? (or infinity)

I don't think so...


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