Anyone using the Sony 11-18 lens on an A55?

Started May 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Ron Co Senior Member • Posts: 1,566
Anyone using the Sony 11-18 lens on an A55?

I am looking for a wider angle lens and have been holding out thinking of full frame in my future but not so sure it is going to happen if the A77 is my next toy.

I was hoping Sony might come out with a dedicated full frame equivalent lens . I am not interested in fish eye style of glass

I guess the primary question is how well does the 11-18 zoom hold up to the demands of the A55 and by assessing that determine if it is going to be able to cope with the larger pixel count of the A77 or its successors. I think it came out about 5 or 6 years ago so is possibly getting long in the glass

I saw it named often for some very low price in the forums recently $399 US compared to our $1250 Aus dollars , so much for parity of the dollar or whatever , that is a joke!

experience with the lens ? Problems ,good points? Compatibility with the A55? Some review mentioned slow focus , not that that is a big deal with wide angle most times (I hope)

thanks in advance for input

Ron Co

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