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Re: D7000 colour

rhlpetrus wrote:

I like this part:

"Indeed, so much so that if you leave the camera set at the default settings you'll slightly limit the dynamic range you can capture. I strongly suggest that you be careful to not put too much oomph into your JPEGs, as it's difficult to back out contrast and saturation, once recorded. My personal preference is to set my D7000 for a more accurate, bland look (Neutral, sometimes with -1 Contrast) and add in any contrast and saturation I might want in the final image. However, many D7000 customers are likely to be shoot-but-don't-post-process photographers, and probably won't take my advice. Just be aware that you'll have a tough time with high contrast scenes if you start dialing up the controls to get that punch you want."

This is exactly what I use, lower contrast and saturation in-camera, adjust later. Already done that with D80. I read all these people adding contrast and saturation and then complaining RED is blown, skintone problematic, etc. Of course, what did they expect?

Yes I read that bit in disbelief, his report has been out for sometime but few people have bothered to read it.


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