NX100 it is but which lens?

Started May 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: NX100 it is but which lens?

I have to agree with Michael here.
When I got my nx100 with 20-50 I got the 30mm f2 at the same time.

The reasons, it's small, f2 on a 30 gives you a smaller DOF than f2.8 on a 20mm (smaller aperture and longer focal length), makes it a great portrait lens. It is also a 'normal' lens on aps-c. I'm sure ifn is nice, but I don't miss it on the 30mm.

When the 16mm comes out it will be on my shopping list. I've not used the 20-50 mm zoom yet ! My DSLR covers all the other options, my NX100 with 30mm is the in-the-pocket-camera.

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