New lighting gadgets - Rouge Grid + Lastolite Tripgrip Reflector

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Re: New lighting gadgets - Rouge Grid + Lastolite Tripgrip Reflector

The model shoot I was referring to is here:

It just seems that your ISO values were a little random, considering your focal length and shutter speed, i.e., the shutter speed was often well above the 1/focal length rule, and the ISO could have been dropped, in some cases, cut in half. So I was curious as to why, for example, you would use, ISO 640, with a shutter speed of 1/320 sec., at 85mm focal length, like on this shot:

But don't misinterpret my comments--I think that you did a fantastic job. And with the shot you provided of the model shoot, you can see the directional nature of the fill light from the reflector that made these images much better than the ones in your original post.

Thanks, again.

Because of the high pace of the model shooting (2 hours in several locations with all the other photographers) I did not want to worry to much with my shutter settings with the light changing fast sometimes (i hate to take a good shot to just realize it is a little blurry because of shutter speed). I always like to have a nice margin of safety if I can afford to and since the performance of ISO 640 with D700 is very good, I did not worry to much about it. If the shooting was more relaxed, I would have have most likely used a lower ISO in this shot.

The images of the model had different light settings and alot of natural light coming from different directions. In this specific post I uploaded images where the natural light was mainly from the back and while I tried to set the reflector on the sides I did not manage to align it well with the light (reminder - i was holding the camera in one hand). Setting the reflector underneath easily reflected the light back on the kids. Kids are also more difficult to shot and I did not have the luxury to pose them for long

I did not intend to impress with the images in this post just to share about the new gadget and its uses

Thanks for your feedback and I glad you liked the images of the model shoot!

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