Good 67mm glass to protect 70-200

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Re: Good 67mm glass to protect 70-200

CampyOne wrote:

A hood will offer some protection. It won't offer as much protection as a filter. Back in the days when you could buy a great lens for a few hundred dollars I relied on hoods. Today, when the least expensive lens I own cost well over $1,000 I use protective filters (B+W in my case).

I've made a few seat-of-the-pants tests by making identical photographs with and without my UV/skylight filters to see what effect the filter has on the photograph and haven't found any effect. Without knowing which was which it was impossible to tell which photographs were made with the filter and which were made without. But obviously I haven't made tests under all possible light sources and with all possible subjects/conditions. So I remove the filter when making a photograph if I think to do it, which I do maybe half the time.

I agree, and this conversation (filter vs non-filter) has gotten pretty funny in the past. In one thread the non-filter crowd was actually posting pictures of lenses with shattered front elements that can produce a viewable image. They claimed that even a few scratches on the front element won't affect the photo quality. They also claimed, amazingly, that a multi-coated piece of flat optical glass would have negative effects on the photo. Go figure. It's a personal choice, and I use them.

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