Another which camera should I go for question

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Another which camera should I go for question

Hi all,

another one in the list of which camera should I go for questions.

My D40x has just given up the ghost and as a result I need to replace. I think I have narrowed down to the D90 and the D5100. I am by no means an expert and had only just started to play around with different settings. As I see it the various things to consider are:

Slightly older Technology
Heavier (could be a plus or a minus)
Lower MP
More versatile in the long run
Built in motor

Newer technology
Slightly better bracketing
Higher MP
More compact

Are there any other considerations that are major differences?

Also I have a couple of AF-S lenses from my D40x - I know the built in motor is required for the D5100 - but I take it I can also use a lens with a motor in with the D90 (even though the camera has a motor in the body).



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