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Re: Q about the first two images & 1Ds MkIII

Earthlight wrote:

  • Micro adjustment per lens

I suppose this is a good thing. I have never noticed any AF issues (which makes me feel either blind or ignorant since everybody seems to have these issues. I shoot with fast lenses too, so any errors should be visible).

Most of my lenses have no adjustment, but I have a few that have small adjustments like + or - some points and it is actually visible although I used the camera for more than a year before any adjustments were done!

  • AF point selection with joystick

This is probably a good thing as well. With my MkII I only use the center and the rightmost AF points (with AF point extension on). I have enabled the custom function that allows me to jump to the rightmost point just by pushing a button. For me this works quite well.

After you try the joystick you will wonder how you got along without It's right at your thumb and you can move to any AF point quickly and easily. I use this mainly for portraits. But also when I want to focus for landscapes on the tripod. I usually focus at about a hyperfocal distance. So without changing the framing I can move the AF point to where I want the focus plane to be and push the AF-ON button (btw. another nice addition to the mkIII) as normally do not have AF associated with the shutter button.

  • Auto ISO

I have never used this feature but I guess I'm oldschool.

I only use it in certain situations. For action like shooting (!) children or flying birds moving around in varying light it is great to use Ai Servo and selected AF point via joystick and in Tv mode and (potentially) a limit on aperture (e.g. between f/4 and f/8 and an f/2.8 lens) and then camera will select the ISO at f/4 and if you have set the ISO to e.g. ISO 400 and there is more light than f/4 then it will stop down. If there is not light enough for f/4 then the ISO will be increased automatically. Similarly in Av mode you can limit the shutter speed, however the minimum shutter speed cannot be set higher than 1/60s which is a bit disappointing.

  • Powerful Litheon battery

Do you know whether this is as good in extreme cold as the NiMh in MkII? Say, in minus 30 degrees Celsius?

I have not tested this. I'm very seldomly in such cold weather.

  • Electronic first curtain in live view to avoid the need for MLU.

Interesting. I have little experience in LV so I have yet to bumb into this. Do you mean you have to use MLU in LV as well?

What it means is that I can use LV for checking focus and manually adjust focus with a zoom in 10x on any point in the frame, but when I take the picture I will go out of LV and use MLU as normal. So therefore I have MLU in My Menu to select and deselect it quickly.

  • Auto ISO in M-mode.

I have not used Auto ISO, me being old school again.

I have a 7D that has this and it is nice to have. But on the 7D there are no shutter speed or aperture limit functions which I find rather disappointing. Btw. I'm selling the 7D again as I use it too little Was only planned for focal length limited situations and this is not often enough to justify a cropped camera that sits around most of the time.

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