Dynamic Range: D5100/D7000

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Re: In two words: a lot! With examples.

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For those of you who use similar techniques I am curious how much of an improvment you feel you get with a D5100 or D7000 compared with your old DSLR.

Coming from a D80, it's just amazing the potential for recovery that the D7k's files have. I was checking MM behavior for another thread and shot a cityscape in two ways.

Renato, I think the recovery potential may be even more amazing if you use DxO or Adobe converters. Or if you grab two CNX conversions with different EC, one for the shadows and the other for the highlights, and blend them in Photomatix. Not that I'd have sth against CNX, I just think it is just not made for heavy adjustments and quasi-HDR.

For what I see, the sensor is considerably improved at base ISO, but the processing algorithms are still not ready for reasonable work with harsh light. I mean,

  • there is no automation of exposure for highlights protection,

  • there is no raw histogram for optimizing exposure manually,

That's because RAW is a file format not an image format. A RAW file only provides a histogram once conversion settings are applied to the RAW data. If you want to see what's in your RAW file without lots of contrast settings added, choose as conservative a image/picture style as possible that has the least contrast, saturation, and least steep tone curve applied.

  • when exposing for saving the highlights, the preview images are bloody dark.

So you have more DR but you're still on your own.
On the upside, the lower noise level does help ADL look better.

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