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Very few digital cameras offer the time/date stamp feature...

Barrie Davis wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

All files are saved with their date, and most cameras can print it on the face of the image, if you wish

I don't know about "most" and the ones that I know can you have to print from camera direct, which is not what I'd have thought most people do.

I have four digicams... if required they all can put date, or various other things, into the actual image as an overstamp. If things have changed and this feature has fallen from favour, then I can but approve, because I think it's pretty much of a bad idea, and I never do it...

... well, not yet anyway. Who knows? It might come up one day... (shrugs)

A couple of my cameras can do sound memos, too, which is something else I have not used.... yet.

As you already know, I sell cameras for a living.

And I can tell you that in reality very few digital camera models allow the date/time stamp on the images.

Most of the current Nikon Coolpix line do, as does the newer Niikon DSLR's, some Kodak EasyShare models, and most Canon PowerShot digitals do, but only in the lowest image quality setting (postcard).

Very few others offer the date to be inserted in the image area inside of the camera.

Of course, all digital cameras store this information in the digital file exif data.

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