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Re: D2x

This is a very interesting post RHeath. And backs up the fact bat we still use ours and it has done thousands of successful sessions.

RHeath wrote:

The D2x has the best color capture for skin tones of any Nikon Digital made to date.

If your main purpose of getting it was for portraiture work, I don't think you could have purchased a better camera, including all the new Nikon DSLR's.

I have the D300, D700 and ready access to the D3 & D3's. These newer bodies have many features / technologies that surpass the D2x, but with human subjects, the D2x has better true tonal qualities.

I will be adding one to my collection for in studio portrait work soon.

BTW: Nikon brought out 3 color spaces D2x1, D2x2, and D2x3. I have heard these have nothing to do with the original D2x color spaces, and my testing on the above mentioned bodies has shown, they are close, but not as good as the original D2x for portrait work. Just my 2-cents, your mileage may vary

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