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Re: Kind comments, and 'my' reasoning.

Digital Coast Image wrote:

I might be unclear. I'm not questioning your analysis at all. I was addressing the fact that Sigma has explaining to do how they priced the SD1 suddenly at $9700.
Michael James - - Destin, FL U.S.A.

Thank you Michael.

My misunderstanding. When I read:

Digital Coast Image wrote:

As for the increase you address. I'd like to hear the reasoning.

You were hoping to understand their reasoning. Not mine.

FWIW, I have attached a link to what I was referring to, where I did some calculations based on 'reasonable guesses' from the bottom-up, as well as the top-down, to arrive at what I think should be the product ceiling price, allowing for an industry-standard margin.

I too though, would really like to hear their rationale as well! I hope they decide to drop the price immediately at launch so you can pick one or two up. The weather seals will certainly be a massive boon to me too.

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