HELP!! Epson Stylus Pro 9900 vs. Canon ipf8300

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HELP!! Epson Stylus Pro 9900 vs. Canon ipf8300

Need help in making a decision in a purchase. I have already heard pros and cons to both printers.

1: I've heard many comments on issues with the 9900 print head clogging and virtually none about the ipf8300.

Are these users using standard OEM inks and papers? I know humidity plays a factor. Could it be that the users live in an area with low humidity.

2: There was a report of some users having issues when printing solid black. Looks like the ink was not laying down properly and streaked in some areas.

3: Another user reported issues with the magenta ports being clogged and this showed up in the test patterns.

4: I've heard Epson printers will not let you continue to print when they run low on ink. Can one simply pull out the cartridge and stick it back in. I have done this with my smaller Epson and it continues to print my documents.

5: Some users are fearful of clogged heads during panoramic prints or large productions runs. And feel it necessary to run a nozzle print check and cleaning each morning or before each print.

I rarely hear any comments/complaints about the Canon Printers having problems. However from what I understand the Epson 9900 has sharper prints and slightly higher color gamut. Better detail in the shadows

I am pretty versed on what the printers come with, size, etc. I also know I can swap print heads in the Canons. I do however like the option of the three cartridge sizes of the Epson.

I plan on printing mostly photographs for sale, exhibition, and occasional posters with text/graphics. I print both color and B/W.

Feedback is welcome. I'd like some pros and cons from those that actually own one (or both) of these printers and use them on a day to day basis.

Also would the Epson 7890 be a better alternative to both? I know it uses K3 inks with Vivid Magenta. 8 inks compared to 10 inks of the 8300 and 9900.

Dependable performance and print quality with VIVID colors are what I am looking for.

Thank you all.

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