TL350/WB2000 questions ?

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TL350/WB2000 questions ?

Hi there, users who got the TL350/WB2000.

I have a few specific things I would like to know, and eventhough I've had the camera last year for a day to try, I can not remember anymore....

1. When using the 1 minute interval shooting, does the lens resume to the "chosen" (desired) zoom every time it turns on to shoot ?
Or does it stay wide open at 24mm ?
(I assume it retracts the lens between shots, right ?)

2. Can the AE and WB bracket option be chosen, when using the interval 1 minute (or more) shoot ?

3. When shooting video, can you choose manual focus here ? (or infinity)

4. When shooting HD video, is it also from 24mm (on the long side) and up, or not as wide angle ?

5. How long can it shoot full HD video ?

I assume it stops at 2GB, and I seem to remember something around 20minutes ? And does it shut the camera down after that, if auto power off chosen ?

Any difference whether set to HQ or not, in full HD - in regards of the max time before it stops ?
What about 1280x720, recording stops at how many minutes ?

Or is the 20min (if I remember correct) a fixed time ?

6. Can the OIS be enabled/disabled for video ?

Thanks for anyone who can enlighten on some of above, as the manual does not clarify above

  • Peter

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