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Re: "... without any training is a real danger."

yea . . like the NRA doesn't have any lobbyist and NEVER puts any money behind the American lawmakers or tries to sway people to believe as they do or creates controversies to heat up arguments. Have you ANY idea how much they spend to sway people / back candidates / fund lobbyists??

yea yea . . . EVERYTHING is the "left wing" media's fault!! geeez!

btw . . Have you thought about installing a 50mm anti-aircraft gun on the roof of your car or house? Maybe even a gun turret! . . (in case of 'possible' attack from the air) I hear they are coming for your camera!! It's probably the media leading the attack!

BRJR wrote:

If so, why haven't we seen or heard about these "real dangers"; especially, as we all know that the American Press, International Press and anti-gun lobbyists, groups and their supporters would be having a field day exploiting them to their advantage?

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Chipsthe1 wrote:

Chato wrote:

Would be okay with me too, Dave. In a State like mine it should be mandatory that after you acquire a weapon you must attend a training course offered by the State or County on the use of that weapon. I seem to be in disagreement with the majority in the forum but to permit concealed, or unconcealed which is okay here, without any training is a real danger.

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