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1 2 and 2 are a no from scratch, i guess.

But how much would it cost for yout not to lose? I mean, you could use the PS3/Xbox 360 strategy, the more systems you sell the more games/lenses you sell, because in case you don't remember, we are sticked to your lens, anyway.

Just to have a look at this:

$126 dollars lost for each $399 console sold. And we are talking about the second most sold console right now in the world.


Like $6 for every $100, and that's 2010 news, after cuts and cuts of production costs. But it worked for them also.

I know Sigma is not Sony or Microsoft, and you are not selling consoles, but the lens sales might be a bed before you take a couple of hits of SD1's sales.

Anyway, i chose something between 2 and 3. Take a loss but not a big loss.

KAF18500 wrote:

Realistically, vote a price here, loud and clear. Enough curses and rants, lets get down to business.

1. Is 9.700 acceptable if it comes bundled with 3 lens made specifically with SD-1 in mind?
2. USD 4.800 - body alone
3. Must be USD 2.700 - body alone.

Please keep in mind (3) would not be financially practical for Sigma, but it is your vote.

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