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Good to be back in dpreview. Since I have been gone (around 3 years) I have upgraded from a D50 to a slightly used D2x. My first question is does anyone still use this model? I am an intermediate photographer and I am wanting and amassing tools to work on portraiture. I have a small studio setup in my house, as well as access to a real studio leased by friends who have let me use their space and some equipment. I have 1 SB900 and an umbrella and stand, 1 43" 5 way reflector, as well as various other bounce cards. I also have decent size windows that let in good natural light. I use Elements 7, Lightroom 3.2, and am buying Portrait professional 10 soon. Does this sound like a decent plan?

I have had a D2x for about 6 years now. It's a great camera but requires lots of dsicipline to use well. I can use it in my sleep I know it so well.

I recently upgraded to the D7000 and wow it beats the D2x in every aspect .

Sell the D2x and buy the D7000. In particular the DR is astoundingly better, almost 3 stops better, it's the same as the D3x. I can't really find anything I dislike about the D7000. I really have no reason to pick up the D2x.... The D7000 is probably the best value in the Nikon Camp, ever.


Terry stated that he has just purchased his D2X . Slightly used. Why bother to get rid of it and get a D7000?

Interesting to see a comparison in weights... D2X would be the same weight as a D3, so, approx 1.24 kg. The D7000 is only 0.690 kg.

The D2X is a pro body, compared to a " consumer body" of the D7000.
I do have a D2Xs and wouldn't even consider getting a D7000.
Another problem for me with a D7000..No vertical grip.

Small battery on the D7000 compared to the excellent EN-EL4a battery of the D2X.

Understand that the D7000 does have better low light capability, but, for portraiture, I don't think the high ISO in a studio would be required.

Exactly, it isn't.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Regards Peter

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