SD1 a 1k$ body ??

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SD1 a 1k$ body ??


I read a lot of strange comments in this forum these days. One of it is that the SD1 has a 1k$ body.

I admit, I don't know anything about the quality of the body. But who does? Most of us never had the chance to use it, right?

Forget about the missing top LCD and the 460k back LCD. This isn't a big thing in costs. And even LV is something you get with inexpensive cameras. Even though I see the point that LV can be useful.

A body has to be rock solid, i.e., should have a magnesium inner body. And it should also give the impression to be very ridgid. It is important that you want to touch it and to hold it in your hands. It has to feel comfortable with the knobs and interface elements in the right place. It needs a good environmental sealing. The knobs and buttons must give a good mechanical response. A clear mechanical click into place is better than anything else. The shutter must be quiet and must not produce vibrations. The whole electronics and user interface must be fast, smooth and responsive. (I believe, I don't have to tell you all that, right?)

Is the SD1 this way?

And please don't tell me that the SDxx was not. I don't care.

So, is there somebody who can judge the quality of the body? (not the Foveon chip, this is another story) If not, stop bashing the body until you have been able to give it a try. I was also surprised by Michael Reichmann's preview. As far as I understood, the only thing he knows about the SD1 is the online information and the sample jpgs on the web. So, he is on the same page as I am. And again, I assume most of you as well.

I can't tell about the quality of the body and I won't give an uneducated guess.

BTW, the same holds about the reasons why Sigma announced that price and why it is so much more expensive than we all thought and hoped for. Is it really of any help or does it make any sense to even speculate about the relationships within the familiy of the company owner or stuff like this?

You know, there was the "landing on the moon" conspiracy, the 9/11 conspiracy,...., do we need an "SD1" conspiracy?

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