how important light is for sharp photos

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Re: how important light is for sharp photos

learnerguy wrote:

My question is: what makes a photographer to decide on 10 seconds?

What are the "deciding" factors for shutter speed in "low light" or "poor light"?

How would the same photo look like if I were to keep the shutter open for 1 minute or 2 minutes? Too Overexposed?

Well today's DSLR cameras can meter pretty well out to about 30 seconds. So it is likely that the camera's meter was used either in aperture priority mode, or as a baseline to get the exposure in manual mode.

This picture is exposed nearly perfectly IMHO and increasing the exposure from 10 seconds to 1 minute would increase the exposure by about 2.5 stops. If you didn't compensate for that increase by changing the ISO (can't in this case as it already is at ISO100) or aperture, then the picture would be overexposed.

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