NX100 it is but which lens?

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Re: NX100 it is but which lens?

benlawlor85 wrote:

Hi all,

After thinking about it for far to long, i am going to buy the NX100. found a really good price on it (£239) with 20-50.
but which of the pancakes should i get?
The main reason i want one is to make it smaller.
the 30mm is at about £170
and the 20mm about £235

any thoughts?

I would opt for the 30mm. The 20mm and 30mm focal lengths are already covered by the zoom lens, and both lenses are great quality, so the only thing to really look at is aperture. The 30mm provides a real benefit with f2 while the 20mm is only f2.8. Of course this is just my opinion.

Had I known about the 16mm f2.4 lens coming out this year though, I think I would have waited for that lens instead of buying the 30mm because the 16mm lens is both bright and a different focal length not covered by a zoom lens.

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