Lens "roadmap" question

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It's a Sony thing...

Sony has always had that issue - they like to keep things behind closed doors, not let anyone know what's happening until they release it. But they face continuous demand for "any" information to assure customers that products are coming. What they end up doing is the bare minimum of that request...they provide "any" information - meaning they stick out a teaser or show a photo or mockup, with no release dates or specs. They are hoping this will ameliorate those who need some form of information, but they have no intention of altering their release dates or plans based on public pressure. There's a disconnect between the initial release rumor, roadmap, or photo, and the actual product release, that's much greater than typical with other companies. It seems to be because they never wanted to show a roadmap or release a mock up photo in the first place - they only did it to try to shut people up who keep asking. It seems to come back to bite them quite often when the years go by before the product comes along to market. It's very hard to get highly regionalized and structured closed-corporation cultures to change their ways...Much the same can be seen at times with Apple - who currently still does a little better, but already the same closed-off, inward, private, ego-culture can be seen in their operations, and often products are rumored long before actual release, or editions and versions end up getting delayed or pushed back without much information given to the public as to why.

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