how important light is for sharp photos

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Re: how important light is for sharp photos

ocean76 wrote:

I thought "light" was the 1st rule for getting sharp photos...

There has to be some light otherwise just leave your lens cap on!!!

I took that photo at a dim light and got surprised to see it was really sharp and noiseless although it was dark and had an apperture value of f 1.8.

time: 23:45
f 1.8
10 seconds
iso 100
lens: 35 mm

so it is possible to shoot vey sharp photos at no light at all...

I find it strange (it is just the opposite they taught me in the class) but nice....

On the contrary there is allot of light, you just collected it over a long time.

Low ISO is your best friend if you can use it. Nice capture!


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