NX100 it is but which lens?

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Re: NX100 it is but which lens?

benlawlor85 wrote:

Hi all,

After thinking about it for far to long, i am going to buy the NX100. found a really good price on it (£239) with 20-50.
but which of the pancakes should i get?
The main reason i want one is to make it smaller.
the 30mm is at about £170
and the 20mm about £235

any thoughts?

My vote would be for the 30mm. It's a normal/standard focal length which for most people means it has a natural perspective, and I just find it to be "not too wide, not too long" in a vast number of situations - it's a flexible focal length - that's the reason it's the focal length at the middle of every standard kit zoom, but ironically it is not the best performing focal length on those zooms.

The full stop difference f/2 vs. f/2.8 makes a big difference in depth of field, and the longer focal length makes you stand further from the subject, which also makes a big difference in depth of field, so if you like background blur in more than just closeup pictures, the 30mm is the one to get. And of course f/2 makes a big difference in low light especially if your subject is moving at all - very important for the NX100 since it's a camera that is not highly praised high ISO quality.

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