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Re: I think I've figured it out

mike earussi wrote:

Sigma is getting tired of being a camera manufacturer but still wants to recoupe their Foveon investment. So they make a high priced demo camera just to show off their new sensor in hopes some other camera company will either buy the chips from them or make an offer to buy the entire Foveon division.

Remember, you heard it here first.

Hi Mike,

sorry, but people, who can read and understand german, could read it here one day earlier:


It is mentioned in point c) of my humble attempt to view those crazy things with a little humor...

"c) Die wollen jetzt doch die Kamerasparte möglichst teuer weiterreichen..."

(indeed, they want to sell the camera divison as expensive as possible now)


As a private company, they could really ask every price for the SD1.

And they really did!

No matter of being able to pull the money from the lenses to the cameras, as they were used to and regardless of the whole existing customer base...

...but my experience with "the R&D riddler" and some others, already prepared me for more silly actions from this company.


Sad but true.




U see

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