New lighting gadgets - Rouge Grid + Lastolite Tripgrip Reflector

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New lighting gadgets - Rouge Grid + Lastolite Tripgrip Reflector

Hi All,

Got my self 2 new gadgets

First I bought myself the Lastolite TriGrip Reflector and I used it for model photo shoot a week ago ( ). I also had the chance to use it again this Saturday while taking some photos of my friends daughters – Noa and Inbar. I am loving it more and more as I use it and I am glad I went with the smallest size (18″) since it serves its purpose very well. I use it while holding my camera in one hand and the reflector on the other which allows me to better control the lighting of portraits without any assistance.

The pictures below were shot using my D700 + 50MM F1.4D with the TriGrip Reflector (again, I was holding both)

Here is a 125% crop of the eyes. You can see my reflection in the eyes where I am holding the camera vertically with my right hand and holding the TripGrip Reflector with my left hand right below Noa’s face.

Here you can see a before and after (or after and before ) shots – with and without the reflector. Note that the exact same exposure was used for both pictures.

I also got my self another gadget since one is not enough so my second new gadget is the brand new Rouge 3-in-1 HoneyComb Grid for standard hot shoe flashes. This grid offers 3 degrees in one product (16, 25 and 45). Moreover, it includes everything you need in order to attach it to your flash and there is no need to buy any additional strap (like the Honl Speed Grid).

Seems like a high quality product and it is built very well. The materials are top-notch and it is simple to attach/detach it from your flash or change the degree of the spot when needed. I haven’t had the chance to play with it too much but here are 2 photos showing the grid attached to my SB-800 and the lighting effect it creates.

This is from a blog post I wrote about these 2 gadget ( ) and I thought it will be of interest in this forum.


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