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KAF18500 wrote:

Realistically, vote a price here, loud and clear. Enough curses and rants, lets get down to business.

1. Is 9.700 acceptable if it comes bundled with 3 lens made specifically with SD-1 in mind?
2. USD 4.800 - body alone
3. Must be USD 2.700 - body alone.

Please keep in mind (3) would not be financially practical for Sigma, but it is your vote.

I suppose I should chime in with one more clarification -- are the above Sigma prices or street prices? A $4800 "Sigma MSRP" typically translates to a $3300 real price when it hits store shelves. I imagine you'll have people walk away from that. I imagine people would grumble at that price. I also expect that many Foveon enthusiasts would eventually talk themselves into it there.

Further clarification, in my previous posts, I mentioned a $2000-$3000 sweet spot that I think the product would sell -- I was talking real prices, not "Sigma MSRP". A "Sigma MSRP" of $4000 that turned into a shelf price of $2800 at B&H would probably fly for many of us.

Philosophically, most of us here are interested in the Sigma SD1 because we do believe that the Foveon sensor is worth a premium. The two issues here are how much of a premium, and how much of this premium is eaten away by the camera around the sensor. At real prices of $2500+ you start comparing to the D700 and 5dII. At $5000+ you're in D3s territory. At it's current price point, it's in D3x, and 1DsIII territory. The problem you have going here, is that while the SD1's Foveon sensor is pure awesome -- and the rest of the camera is rather "meh" compared to any of these peers. Even a D300s at $1550 has over the SD1:

  • dual card slots

  • movie mode

  • live view

  • 51 point AF system (compared to 11 point)

  • 100% view finder (compared to 98%)

  • fully weather sealed body

  • 920k LCD (compared to 420k)

  • 1/250th flash sync (compared to 1/180)

And I havn't even brought up the D7000, which is even cheaper, and has many features out ahead of what the SD1 has... heck, my aging D90 ($889) has live view, 11 point AF, movie mode, a slightly better flash sync, and the high resolution LCD. I'll be the first to concede, that in good light, the Foveon in the SD1 will blow the socks off the D300s -- and I'd even be willing to pay a premium over the otherwise better D300s for the SD1 because of the better sensor... but there are limits to it, and that's just the reality of the DSLR market.

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