Stuck in 2 minds - just wanted to get my thoughts out...

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Re: Stuck in 2 minds - just wanted to get my thoughts out...

blue_skies wrote:

If you plan to shoot any video, you will fall in love with the SEL18200, the lens is absolutely wonderful for video.

Video isnt really a factor in my decision making.

If you like action shots of birds and animals, you may actually very much prefer the a77 or the a55 (more compact). You will also have a choice of longer range (IBIS) stabilized autofocus lens options.

This has been the main factor in me thinking about going down the aXX route.

You will likely carry the NEX to more places that you will take your a55/a77. Size, and weight, does matter.

I have the NEX with me every day and I find its size to be fine, but on days where I want to do more serious shooting (brothers cup final, trips to the zoo and other such days out), I some times find it can be a bit limited with only the 16 and the 18-55.

Also, with the a-mount to e-mount adapter LCAEA1, you can mount your alpha glass on either the aXX or the NEX, something else to consider.

I have the adaptor but found with an a mount lens attached the small size of the NEX is offset by having a large lens and adaptor on it. Might as well have the benifits of the aXX series at a similar size.

Since you already have the NEX, I'd suggest to enjoy the lenses that you have, and decide whether or not you miss anything for real. If birding is of interest, why not look at some of the 30x hybrid cameras - they work very well - and cost much less than the superzoom?

The NEX is serving me well and I enjoyed taking 800+ photos with it in my recent trip to Japan (shared in another thread).

Considered a super zoom, but then I wont be able to adapt it for low light situations like I could if I just put a fast prime on an aXX.

Also, a wish list is fun - you may change it as time progresses. If you spend it all up front you better like what you got - for every year you will have new offerings and decisions to make then.

Stick to the NEX, enjoy the little camera, and plan a budget over time.

Making a wish list has been fun and I enjoy doing the research in to new things and the discusions it brings.

I love my NEX and wont be giving it up if I get a new camera, it's great as a general purpose day to day camera, I've just found that in certain situations it has been a bit limiting and im not sure if with another lens those limitations will be fully addressed.

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